1. Think core

From a perspective where the glass is still half full, these are interesting times.
And they are still a-changin’, as Bob Dylan prophesised back in 1963.

Yes, these are times where many fundamental beliefs are shaken, establishment and systems are under pressure. It is no longer business as usual. Yet opportunity still knocks for those who dare to rethink economy and ecology, growth and degrowth, wealth, labour and leisure. Who create new business models, operate according to a lean and mean philosophy, are true to themselves and believe in fair share.

It is all a matter of mindset. Think core, and move on.


2. Work hard

Life is all about stories. People are all about stories. So is doing business.

At Mindset we help our clients make and tell their stories, about where they come from and where they are heading.
Their drive, their dreams. Stories about innovation and re-inventing yourself, tales of hope and success, struggle and misfortune, change and resistance.

We share visions of growth with you, and our observations of the inner and outter worlds. We talk about leadership and social entrepeneurship and question old definitions in a new context.

Telling those stories works well, both for our clients and their target audiences. As we use to say at Mindset: Think core. Work hard. Do good. Be smart.

Having said all that, now what’s your story? We love to listen.


3. Do good

Having been a marketing slash communications slash branding slash creative intelligence agency™ now for more than 30 years, we at Mindset honestly can say that we have invented, created and produced above, below and through all thinkable lines of advertising, public relations and sales promotion for a wide variety of big names and companies in almost every type of business. We’ve also had our fair share of campaign nominations.

We can tell you great stories about it over an espresso or cappuccino, or green tea if you prefer, or even a cool glass of energetic Kangen Water®

Today we specialise in magazine formats: branded, customised and targeted. We do print (yes, still! – we are authentically retro) and we take care of online (adaptions) also.

And, different story, these days we produce more and more video.

MINDSET on vimeo


4. Be smart

There is a story about the building where the Mindset office is. It has a grand history. Het Kapelhuis (‘The Chapelhouse’) was build in 1521 A.D. This late Gothic building was the meeting place of the Brotherhood of Our Lady. This Brotherhood had control over the chapel and was actually responsible for the city of Amersfoort becoming a place of pilgrimage.
In the chapel there was a statue of Mary. Several miracles were attributed to this statue, thus causing a huge influx of believers who believed their diseases would be cured (source: Archief Eemland).

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